INVITATION (RSVP) to ALL local Whitchurch Retail Businesses


Wednesday 28th June, White Hart, Market Square6.00 for 6.30 pm until 7.30pm



It is a few months now since the launch of the above initiative in the guise of Christmas in Whitchurch 2005. Well, the Town Centre Revitalisation Project Team has been busy in the meantime and is now ready to introduce and take feedback on the next phases of the initiative.


It is proposed we do this at an informal �Retailer Rendezvous� evening to be held at the White Hart Hotel. I hope you will accept our invitation to join us for the update which will include refreshments and a light bite.


To ensure we do not take up too much of your time on the night, we are pleased to provide some initial information on two of the initiatives we will be talking about with this invitation:


  1. Christmas in Whitchurch 2006
  2. The Whitchurch Welcome Pack


The third item we will discuss on 28th is a retail survey that we hope will take place during the Summer and be reported upon by the end of September. This externally funded activity will provide some useful information on local consumer shopping habits and needs. A further advantage will be the opportunity for those interested to partake in some heavily subsidised retail related staff training later this year provided through the Retail Sector Skills Council.


All in all, I believe the event will be an excellent opportunity to meet acquaintances old and new and get up to date with what�s happening. If that isn�t enough of an incentive to join us �your initial drink and the buffet is on us!


To help us plan the event efficiently, would you kindly please confirm your attendance� no later than Friday 9th June � by completing the reply slip at the bottom of this page and attaching it to an email to myself or call 892107.

I really do hope you will be able to join us for what I believe will be an enjoyable and informative evening of great relevance to the future prosperity and well being of Whitchurch Town Centre retailing businesses.


Yours Sincerely



Stewart Parrington


Whitchurch Town Centre Revitalisation Project Team



P.S. We should also have some news on Grants for Town Centre Improvement in 2007/08 too!



Christmas in Whitchurch 2006


Following the success of last years hastily arranged �Christmas in Whitchurch 2005�, we are now starting to plan, as has been requested, an even better event this year.


Last year in a very short period of time we achieved a very attractive Christmas lighting display and increased publicity for the town�s retailers. This included good press coverage, prominent articles on the newly launched Whitchurch Web Site ( ) and more town centre footfall generated by the various CIW competitions. Hopefully this increased awareness of the �retail offer� in Whitchurch is helping business. However, just as important were the excellent community group contributions, the Town Council�s support and the festive spirit enjoyed by everyone.


Our first task this year is to establish which retailers will support the idea of having illuminated Christmas trees outside their premises. Depending on the number of participants, the likely cost per tree is: -


����������� Bracket����������������������� �15.00 (one off cost)

����������� Fixing Bracket������������ �25.00 (one off cost)

����������� Tree���������������������������� �10.00 (annual cost)

����������� Lights������������������������� �25.00 (one off cost, except bulb replacement & electricity)

(N.B. The above costs are an indication only.)



Having agreed to join/support�Christmas in Whitchurch 2006�, we need to get the necessary Conservation Area planning consents from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and also from the Highways Authority (as trees technically �overhang the pavement�). If applicable, you will need to get permission from your landlord for the bracket to be fixed to the building (& an upstairs power source to the lights).


We anticipate that the overall Christmas in Whitchurch 2006 programme will take a similar form to last year. There promises to be a wide range of events in the town all of which will be widely promoted on behalf of contributors via the local press, posters, flyers, the website and the new Whitchurch Web Community Magazine.


Amongst the ideas being investigated are a Victorian themed event (with support from WADs) and a Christmas Market. With this more ambitious programme and time on our side, there is an excellent chance that in return for the modest investment in festive lights and trees, Whitchurch retailers will get considerable exposure for their businesses and increased numbers of both local and visiting shoppers.





����������������������������������� Whitchurch Welcome Pack


With the support of �Brockenhurst Estate Agents� we are hoping to produce a �Welcome Pack� that will be given to all new families & individuals that move in to Whitchurch.


The primary aim of this pack is to �Welcome new residents to Whitchurch�. The pack will include a folder, which lists all the information about the town that they are likely to need. This will include information on local Schools, Doctors, Clubs and Societies and most importantly what they can buy from where in Whitchurch and also where they can eat and drink locally.


As a retailer/supplier of services you will be listed in the folder without charge to your business. However, you will also have the opportunity of including a �Welcome Pack Offer yourself � perhaps in the form of a Voucher� (with a date limit) - that will encourage new residents to come into your shop/restaurant or contact your business.


There will be no other cost involved, but we do hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to encourage new residents to shop locally and quickly get to know your business.




�Retailer Rendezvous� 28th June at the White Hart Hotel


Reply slip: To assist us with our planning and catering arrangements for the event would you please kindly return this slip to the address below no later than Friday 9th June. Thank you.







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Email Address:


Website Address: www.

I will/will not be able to attend(please delete as applicable)


I will be supporting Christmas in Whitchurch 2006����������������� Y/N


I anticipate buying the CIW

Bracket and Tree����������������� Y/N



I would like to provide a Voucher offer for the Welcome Pack Y/N ���������������������������������



I would like to provide a complimentary item for the Welcome Pack��������������������� Y/N

Name of Business:


Type of Business:






Conservation Area property?��������������������� Y/N



Landlord |permission Required?���������������� Y/N






Please return your completed reply slip, no later than Friday 9th June, to:��� Whitchurch Town Centre Revitalisation Team, c/o Whitchurch Town Council, The Town Hall, Newbury Street, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7DW. If you prefer, you can email your acceptance to [email protected] or [email protected] phone your details to (01256-892107) or FAX your reply slip to (01256-892127)