FROM: Tony Corbin � Town Project Officer HCC (for and on behalf of WA/TAPT)


31st March 2006




Dear Councillors,


You will see further changes (minor) to the report format this month. Perhaps the most important of these is to merge and align some of the projects where appropriate and to indicate where projects have been taken up by �affiliated or independent� community groups (like the Whitchurch Youth Project). I hope the new format makes for easier reading/assimilation.


Highlights this past month include:


Whitchurch Town Centre Revitalisation (WTCR)� Via the web people have clearly seen the WTCR priority and publicity highlighting the need to tidy the Town centre. The recent BDBC �spring-clean� has helped too both helping to fuel the excellent initiative from the recently arrived Stead family for a general Whitchurch clean-up. It has been good to see the Councils support for the scheme and hopefully, 23rd April will see a good turn out and importantly more press coverage to encourage all residents (especially the young) to take a Pride in Whitchurch.


Meantime we have Brockenhurst (Estate Agency) to thank for the idea of a new resident �Welcome to Whitchurch� pack. If supported by retailers, this will include an insert with shops, restaurants and services listed, the website home page, vouchers (5% off your first meal at the Blue Ginger/White Hart etc), could include some Council information and even a light bulb, fuse and cloth (a small item from each shop). All aimed at encouraging people to �shop locally�.


Finally, Stewart Parrington (for WA) is getting firm costs/understanding procedures for obtaining permission for Xmas Tree Brackets etc (a la Overton) for CIW 2006. It is hoped that the Council may be willing to offer a small contribution towards costs (a matched amount will come from the MTP/Healthcheck pot). Shop owners will then pay for the trees (which hopefully will come from and be recycled by local Scouts Group � perhaps Cllr Robbins can advise).


Tourism � the main progress here is permission from BDBC to reprint the Heritage leaflet locally. Currently the content is being reviewed by the Heritage Group. Again we are hopeful that Brockenhurst will be able to cover the costs of printing (in return for their logo joining those of BDBC, WTC and WA on the cover). Any changes will be advised to Cllr. Nethercott out of courtesy as she pioneered the original version. It is also envisaged that a version will be added to the Whitchurch web.


Communications Media � The planned first issue for the new Quarterly Whitchurch web community magazine is 15th May. WTC is invited to submit an article. It is hoped that print costs will be covered by revenue from local advertisers. An insert will be issued twice per year listing local shops, restaurants, services etc. This too it is hoped will generate income. For further information please contact or email John Buckley. Meantime any opportunity Members have to champion the new magazine will be appreciated.


Heritage � The next step is that I will meet on 13th April with HCC R&H/Library staff to better understand the space that will be available for the Heritage display at the new library/Community Hall (WTC representative very welcome). The Heritage group itself next meets on 13th May to discuss the outcome and way forward.

New Youth Project? � A suggestion from Keith Watts has been put to WA Trustees (including Cllr. Jackman) that there is an opportunity to introduce a new initiative focussed upon �Youth In the Community�. Members may wish to comment upon the merits (or otherwise) of the idea and perhaps how and where they may be able to offer help or guidance.


Those are the main developments, other changes since the last report are denoted as usual in italics in the formal report that follows.


Finally, please will members note that I plan to take leave from 2nd to 10th May.



Kind Regards



Tony Corbin



Tony Corbin











Initiative No. (Category)

Project Charter

Sub Group Members

Leader in bold

(= Co opted)


Action Plan and Current Status


Local Economy and Environment:



Business and Town Centre




         Encourage More Visitors to the Town

         Increase spend in the Town

         Raise Town Profile

Stewart Parrington

Phil Cooper

Harriet Titcomb

(Derek Verran)

(Stephen Bryer)

John Buckley

<Irene Clark>

Tony Corbin

Keith Watts


(John Mitchell � Enterprise First)

(Brockenhurst � Comm�l Agency)

(Testbourne Bus Forum members)

Local Retailers

Target by end 2006 - Town Guide, Heritage Leaflet and Circular Walks reprint/update all cross-referenced to Whitchurch Web content. Brockenhurst is the potential sponsor for a revamped Heritage Leaflet. Permission obtained from BDBC to print locally (29/03).

Business & Town Centre:

         Revitalisation of Town centre

         Improved appearance of Town Centre

         More Events

         Traders Association

         Skills Development

         Marketing/Business Development

(By Mid 2006 - Bid for HCC Country Towns Initiative (circa �40-50k) and B&DBC POPPI circa �20k (Pride of Place Partnership Initiative) and possible SEEDA RTP matched funds potentially available for built environment enhancement & conservation related improvement projects. �Christmas in Whitchurch � successfully delivered as kick of project. 22nd February meeting with retailers mapped out activities, priorities and actions for the coming 12 months. Meetings TC/SP with Brockenhursts latest 29/03 to address empty units issue/drabness of TC � proposals out for WTCR comment.



One Stop Shop:

         Town Hall utilisation for Community group usage

         Tourist Information point


(Cathy Burt)

Tony Corbin




Ongoing - Increase utilisation of Town Hall for business and community use.


Relate is the latest organisation to regularly use the Town Hall for it�s meetings.

THREE Economy

Commercial Business Support & Development:

         Improve economic viability of the town

         Support/funding for business start ups

         Encourage collaborative activity

Stewart Parrington Tony Corbin




Start Jan 05 � ongoingEstablish BLWx 1 to 1 one-hour business advice clinics and local Business Club.


This project is now merged with 1 above.


Clinics are being run bi-weekly and Testbourne Business Club is now becoming well established




FOUR Transport











FOUR (cont�d)

Traffic Mgmt

a)       Reduced HGV through traffic volumes









b)       Distinctive

Town Gateway Entry Signs and associated BDBC funded traffic calming scheme

Tony Corbin

(for Derek Verran)


(Reg Kimpton)

(Keith Pauw HCC)

<Cathy Burt>

John Wall






Greg Harris

Susan Flawith

<Cllr B. Jackman>

Harriet Titcomb

Tony Corbin

(Jamie Daly B&DBC)

Start Jan 05, Survey April 05; Report Presentation Sep 05; Actions agreed Jan 06


HCC HGV report submitted finally Feb. Content reviewed by WA/WTCincluding preface written by Tony C. Comments fed back to HCC Traffic Mgmt. Preface and report now on WW website hard copy reports at town Hall. Request made via CB to meet with Ardglen Businesses.


Start Jan 05; Agree design Apr 05


HCC Highways could, not maintain original competition winning design plus too expensive to make. Much Time lost on alternative designs. Latest proposals from BDBC reviewed by WA/WTC 6th March. Some modifications suggested to BDBC proposals but now close to agreement. Site visits requested waiting update from WTC.

FIVE Community


Local Heritage Centre

         Accessible display and educative centre for local artefacts

Harriet Titcomb

Deborah Woodland

Dr. Alison Deveson

Tony Corbin

<Cllr. A Wall>

John Mariner (History Soc)

Russell Cleaver (HCC R&H)

Hector Goldsack

Sarah Gray (R&H Library Service)

Start Dec 05 Finish Jan 07 (opening of Ctty Centre). Agree aims; recruit volunteers; agree and cost solution; develop lottery bid



February meeting agreed aims and objectives. Key is to understand from Library Service space that will be available for displays. Meeting scheduled 13th April with HCC R&H. Next Heritage Group meeting 13th May

IT/Internet Public access:

         Increase number of individual Learning and Information access points

Janet Palmer

Phil Cooper

(Linda Cowley)


Start date TBD




Whitchurch Youth Project

         Testbourne Youth Suite Refurbishment

         Establish diversionary activities and amenities for young people

<Cllr. B. Jackman>

Janet Palmer

Susan Flawith

Harriet Titcomb

Liz Dermody

<P. Turner>

Keith Watts

Start Jun 05 � ongoing Cllr Jackman led/inspired supported by WA (HT, SF & JP)

Friday and Tuesday activities now established (Parish Hall and Testbourne respectively). Still appears to be some dispute between Testbourne School and HCC Building Regs re extent of work needed to make the room compliant.

Reported to WTC via Cllr. Jackman





Community Bus

(Cathy Burt)

Project Closed � Jan 05 � as apparently working satisfactorily.





Communications Project:

         House Style for WA materials

         Web site inc open forum for feedback

         Internal/external and stakeholder comms model


Phil Cooper

John Buckley

(Steve Hoffmann)

<Cathy Burt>

Tony Corbin

Marion Woods

Start Jun 05; Launch website Oct 05. Launch Magazine Spring 06


Website launched � Community Magazine (quarterly) will potentially launch in Spring 06, but introductory flyer - the �Christmas in Whitchurch (CIW) feature � issued 25th Nov as a taster.

JB aiming to launch magazine 15th May. Approaches to advertisers/sponsors during March/April.


Whitchurch Association Committee

Susan Flawith

Chair; Harriet Titcomb Co Chair;

Jean Watts (Sec)

START FEB 05; LAUNCH OCT 05; Terms of Reference to be agreed Feb 06.