christmas in whitchurch 2006 - pictures of the WADS Street Theatre
Musicians (drums) Crowd outside Town Hall in the sunshine Scene from WADS play 1

Around noon the sound of drumming was heard

A crowd quickly assembled

Three "wise" men meet the narrator

Scene from WADS play 2

The snows of early December gave way to desert conditions on 16th as a group of itinerant "wise" men were spotted outside the Town Hall.

A connection with WADS is suspected as a Narrator appeared to try to explain their somewhat "bazaar" behaviour - they all appeared to be encouraged by a drummer and a lady with lots of printed sheets who somehow seemed to know exactly what they were meant to say (even when they didn't)

Scene from WADS play 3
Reverse angle replay   The narrator explains he isn't there
Scene from WADS play 4 Scene from WADS play 5 Scene from WADS play 6
The wise men prepare to scrum down Another challenge to the narrator is rebuffed The musician receives due acknowledgement
Scene from WADS play - the sand dance Scene from WADS play - looking for a camel Scene from WADS play 7
Eat your heart out Wilson, Keppel and Betty Still no sign of the missing camel The Narrator still turns a deaf ear to the wise man

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