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Title: Ready for an election?
Post by: BonzoDog on October 02, 2007, 09:16:30 am
Are you ready for a general election? Well the hungry media certainly is. Don't you just get fed up with the medias search for anything to stick on the front pages at this quiet time of year? They create stories where there really just aren't any.

I personally would hate an election because it means the TV would be cluttered up with election promises repeated over and over again. It's so tiresome when all I'm looking for is some serious entertainment.

Politics is far less popular now than ever before because the major parties are so similar. But I do hate one of them for it's past history of unfairness to all citizens in this country of ours.
So I vote to keep them out by sticking my big black cross against the name of the party that's most likely to keep them out.

When only a few of us vote why do the media hounds keep thinking we prefer an election special to X-Factor, or some other sad attempt to entertain the gullible public?  :D

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