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Title: Road Improvements........15th October
Post by: BonzoDog on October 02, 2007, 09:19:19 am
'Aldermaston Road Roundabout' is due for extensive alterations. The link roads will be improved and widened as required but the major job will be installing traffic lights on the roundabout itself.

This is going to be really difficult for anyone travelling in the area for many months beginning in October 2007.

I foretold of this improvement some time ago mainly because of the huge developments happening in the Park Prewett and the Merton Rise area of Popley. Many more houses/flats mean a lot more traffic.

Unlike the improvement of Reading Road roundabout I cannot see any diversions that will ease the problems, so I can only hope people will be flexible in their travelling and expect massive delays. Maybe a change of jobs would help?

This is bound to involve some people from the Whitchurch area so prepare for long delays.  >:(

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