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Title: Town Mill Bridge closure
Post by: sevenyears on October 22, 2007, 02:45:46 pm
Hants CC have declared the bridge unsafe.� This bridge is crossed by hundreds of children & their carers going to & from the primary & secondary schools.� The only alternative route is to go into the middle of the town and out again.� Please bring all the pressure you can to bear on the Rights of Way Officer to encourage the quick repair of this vital footpath.� I have spoken to Dorothy at HCC this afternoon to stress that as walking to school should be highly encouraged, the council should make mending or replacing this bridge a priority.�

Contact:� [email protected] or 0845 6035636

Title: Re: Town Mill Bridge closure
Post by: thewhitorg on October 24, 2007, 09:32:11 pm
From a conversation I had with Cathy Burt (Town Clerk) last night the problem is getting messy in that I believe the bridge needs completely replacing and, because part of the replacement will be in the river/its banks, thew Envirionment Agency has to be involved.

This will extend the time taken to do any replacement work, which Cathy had previously been told would take ~2 weeks so we are now looking at 4+ weeks and that may be a conservative estimate - the Lib dems may do better after last Thursday (but I doubt it)� :D

I've asked Cathy for an update to put on the website


Title: Re: Town Mill Bridge closure
Post by: Graham Burgess on November 07, 2007, 04:44:57 pm
Key questions are to do with Planned Maintenance. Is anything else about to collapse due to heavy use; poor design etc.
Are we going to get high quality, substantial design for our town centre improvements or another high cost mess like the central granite pimple that has cost �6K to repair since it went in ?

I do not pay a lot of tax so I really should not complain and the bridge at the bottom of The Weir seems to be quite sound should I wish to walk by the river.

Title: Re: Town Mill Bridge closure
Post by: Graham Burgess on November 10, 2007, 09:41:08 am
I heard yesterday that a survey is taking place to see if the central support to the bridge can be removed so the new bridge has a complete span.

Is this necessary and will this mean that instead of the flat level profile of the bridge, an arrangement typical of the Test Valley landscape whether it be large bridges or the simple footways for fishermen, we get an arched bridge ?

I am against this sort of bridge as it will change the look and feel of an historic area.

Then of course we have the extra cost.


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