At the southern end of Whitchurch, to the West of Winchester Road lies the Millennium Meadow. The land was purchased in 1999 as part of the Millennium activities, hence the name. The plan above shows its layout.

It is a managed wildlife environment run by the Millennium Meadow Trust supported by a small but enthusiastic number of volunteers. Examples of their work are here.

In addition to its attraction for dog walkers throughout the year and the picnic tables for meals in the open air, it has been used for several special events to date and the scope is almost limitless, provided that its wildlife environment is safeguarded.

To date there have been:

Dog days
Punch and Judy shows
Pond dipping
Open air theatre
Balloon launching
Saturn watching
Dark evening

If you want to arrange an event in the Meadow contact Graham Burgess, Nine Springs, The Weir Tel 892837 e-mail [email protected]

There's more on the Meadow at

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