Whitchurch Gardens Association

Annual Show Prize Vase Rules

1. The Prize Vase class is for the entrant�s own vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between 5 and 10 stems, taken from a minimum of two different types of plants. Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants, two varieties of the same plant are NOT two kinds

2. The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points, split into: 25 for colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display, and 10 marks for the overall presentation and effect of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions. Judging of the flowers should be to the normal rules used for other classes.

3. Stems used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seeds heads or berries will be allowed.

4. The vase can be any shape or size and made form any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.

5. No accessories whatsoever such as bows or additional foliage will be allowed. Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem, and still attached to the stem, will be allowed.

6. The winner of the Prize Vase class will receive a �10 seed voucher to spend on Kings Seeds, these must be ordered through the Association. The runner-up will receive a �5 seed voucher. Third place will receive a �3 seed voucher.

Notes for Exhibitors and Judges

* Flowering stems can be taken from ANY flowering plant.

* The different kinds of plants need to be taken from different genera, for instance, pinks, carnations and sweet William � which are all dianthus � would not be classified as different kinds.

* Only fresh, home grown flowers can be used in the vase. No dried or silk flowers are allowed.

* A vase is any vessel that can hold cut flowers and is taller than it is wide, at its widest point.

* The Prize Vase class is open to anyone to enter and is not intended purely for growers who regularly display single species at shows.

* Judges should use their discretion when judging the Prize Vase class, bearing in mind that entries may come form inexperienced exhibitors.

* Judges and exhibitors should note that the display has to be viewed form all round.

* The points awarded should be clearly marked on the exhibitors� cards.

* Any queries that arise, regarding anything other than the above rules, should be referred to the Show Secretary