Whitchurch Gardens Association

Annual Show Rules

1. All classes are open to all within the Testbourne Parishes or who are members of the Whitchurch Gardens Association.

2. Except for those used in the floral decoration section, all flowers, fruit and vegetables exhibited must have been grown by the exhibitor in his or her house, garden or allotment and, except for salad and other quick growing vegetables and flowers must have been in the exhibitor�s possession for at least 2 months. In the event of a query, the Committee shall have the right to inspect the exhibitor�s garden of allotment immediately after the show.

3. Each exhibitor may not enter more than one exhibit in any one class. One or more exhibitor from the same family may exhibit produce from the same garden or allotment, provided that they each do not enter more than one exhibit in any one class.

4. Entry forms must reach the Show Secretary no later than 5pm on Wednesday 16th August 2006. Entry fees are 25 pence per entry, except for the children�s classes in Sections 9, 10 and 11 (which are free).

5. All exhibits are to be staged in the Parish Hall, London Road by 10.30am on Saturday 19th August. The hall will be open from 8am for the staging of entries. No exhibitor may move an exhibit which is not his or her own; if there is insufficient space to stage an entry; a steward must be asked to do it. No person may remove an exhibit after it has been staged until the close of the show at 4.15pm. Exhibits not removed by 4.30pm will be deemed available for auction.

6. Competent independent judges will be appointed by the Show Committee. The judges are empowered to withhold awards or points if the exhibits are deemed unworthy of them. The judge's decision is final (but see hint 9). Any exhibits which do not conform to the wording in this schedule will be disqualified and the entry slips marked NAS (Not according to Schedule) (but see hint 2).

7. Cash prizes will be awarded for all classes less 38 (Prize Vase) and 65 (Vegetable Tray) as follows (there are no 2nd or 3rd prizes in the Novelty Section): 1st � 75p 2nd � 50p   3rd � 25p

8. Points will be awarded in all classes as follows (there are no 2nd or 3rd prizes in the Novelty Section):1st � 4 points     2nd � 3 points    3rd � 2 points    Highly Commended � 1 point

9. Protests must be made within one hour of the show opening to the public (3.15pm). Protests must be in writing and accompanied with a deposit of �1, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

10. The Committee will take reasonable care of exhibits but are not liable for any damage or loss to them, whatever the cause.