Present: Stewart, Sallie, John, Phil, David & Harriet

Apologies Tony, Cari

1. A5 leaflet

John will arrange printing and possibly cover the cost. He needs a list of events by Nov 15th (will stretch to 18th if necessary).

Distribution : Churches together leaflet distribution will be too late. Those of us who can will deliver in our own area. i.e. Phil Winch St, Harriet London St and Stewart Lynch Hill Park.

Also Stewart to ask Old Paper Shop if we can put into Sunday/daily papers.

Note the lights come in 120 and 80 light sets, the display length is 60� and 40� respectively � costs (including Stewart�s 10% discount) are �36 & �27 respectively � Stewart has a sample set.

2 Lights

Stewart stated that planning permission for the tree brackets will take 8 weeks and therefore will come too late. He produced a sample of lights from Homebase which are for indoor/outdoor and so can be used in shop windows this year and outdoors (on trees) in future years.

Retailers to be asked if they will buy lights [Stewart will get them] to put on inside of windows. The idea is to produce a uniform quality look to the town centre

Phil to put all details on web site. Retailers may want to use own lights.

The Town Council is to be asked about its lights and tree? At Monday�s Council meeting.

3 Posters

John can design these. John is to look into a window sign.

Something that indicates a shops participation in Christmas events.

Rather like the neighbourhood watch house signs.

4 Miscellaneous

Stewart will make contact with new Beehive owners to find out what their plans are and when they will open.

WADS will get back re dressing up

Salvation Army to be contacted. [Stewart]

Fire brigade singing and collection on Dec 17 .

Library - Tony has contacted Wendy , Unsure of outcome. [re Christmas decs?]

Penny Turner will do pony (reindeer) and trap rides on 3rd and 10th Dec

Singing - Harriet has spoken to a local choir. They will discuss and get back to her. Also, Phil will email 'Ladies Singing for Fun' contact details to Harriet to contact them too. This is for singing in the square on

3rd Dec. No luck with Barbers quartet.

White Hart - Andy will loan us the use of a window for display purposes. Apparently he has a web site but no one can locate it.

Photo comp -  Phil to contact Rodney dark re organization.

Road signs -  Phil will put road signs on all approach roads one week prior to 3rd.  [He already has potato day signs]

�Snow� � Phil investigating the supply of artificial snow

 DONM 15/11/05 6.30 Town hall. Sally suggested the next email  to all retailers should make an urgent tone i.e. 'Last chance to get involved'.