Join our newly refurbished gym, offering a range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment

Testbourne Fitness Gym can offer memberships for anyone 16 or above, whatever your fitness goals in a friendly and welcoming environment which is convenient and at your ‘doorstep’.

To book an induction contact the Community Office on: 01256 892261.

Fitness for Life

Fitness Gym - We currently open from:

Term Time
  Mon-Fri 6.45-8.15am
  Sat 9.30-12.00pm
School Holdays
  Mon-Fri 6.45-9.30pm
  Sat 9.30-12.00pm

To join the gym an induction needs to be booked with the Community Office at a mutually agreed time.

Individual Fitness Programmes are available at a cost of £12.50. Follow up appointments are £5.00.

Joining Fee £10.00
Student 16-19yrs £40.00 per annum
Casual Monthly Membership £21.00 per month
Monthly Standing Order £15.00 single membership per month
£25.00 joint membership per month
Yearly Membership £165.00 per annum single membership
£275.00 per annum joint membership
Concessionary Rates - Over 65 years, Unemployed or Disabled
Casual Monthly Membership £15.00 per month
Monthly Standing Order £10.10 per month
Yearly Membership £110.60 per annum

Please note: refunds may only be given on medical grounds

Testbourne Community School

Micheldever Road



RG28 7JF

Tel 01256 892261

Basically the fitness gym is divided into two types of fitness equipment.

1. Cardiovascular- which is associated with health benefits; including maintaining a healthy heart, obesity, high blood pressure, lung function, joint problems and many more.
2 Resistance - Generally targeting specific muscles by overloading them and encouraging stronger fibres to develop. Health benefits include improved posture, strength and joint stability.

Generally it is beneficial to exercise on both the cardiovascular and resistance machines to get an overall fitness gain. This does however depend on your medical circumstances (which are looked at during your induction). It is recommended that you should be active every day. However you should aim to exercise moderately (elevating your heart rate) 5 times per week for 30 mins, or vigorously (heart rate beating fast) 3 times per week for 20 mins.

To join an induction needs to be arranged at a convenient time for both parties. This will include par-q medical questionnaire. Providing this is ok, the rest of the induction will include demonstrations on how to use the equipment, advice on the best methods for each individual and a programme card issued for you to structure your workout. A door entry card specific to each individual will then be issued to the customer for them to use at their leisure.

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