Whitchurch's Youth Project - What's happening in Whitchurch - see what the members say

The club Chill To This is up and running. It meets every Friday night from 7.30 to 10pm (except disco nights when it�s 10.30) and is held in the Parish Hall. The cost for an ordinary club night is 50p at present. Activities are chosen by the young people and run by adult volunteers.

At present there are 27leaders who have been through the process of Criminal Records Bureau checking, application forms, references and interviews, (do not let this put you off, it is essential for your protection and the protection of young people, we make it as painless as we possibly can). We have a Treasurer, Secretary, 2 Club Leaders who with Barry Jackman and others form a committee of 12.

The young people, on their first visit to any club within the project, has to, with a Leader, complete and sign a Junior Member application form. It is then sent to their parent/guardian who also has to sign to an agreed code of conduct and the rules and regulations of the club.

It is hoped to be able to start a second club night in the very near future, but we need first a venue which is affordable.

As Chairman and Leader of the Whitchurch Youth Project, Barry would like, on behalf of the management committee, to thank all those who have and are supporting the project in any way.  It can give hope in the future of Whitchurch life. A year or so ago Barry wondered what could be done for the young people in the town and his first family conversations and meetings as to how to address the problem, then came a single phone call that transformed thoughts and dreams into reality, so was born the Whitchurch Youth Project.

If anyone would like to be involved in ensuring that the young people of our town are cared for in a safe happy environment where they (and you) can have fun and, quoting the objects of the club, '  help young people, especially but not exclusively through leisure time activities, so to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they might grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society' then please contact Barry by letter to the Town Hall or by telephone  893041.

There are many ways of helping, by volunteering to help at club nights, by donating money, by helping with administration, by helping to fund raise, Barry is open to any offer!!

Someone offered an air hockey table and was going to make contact with Barry again - the club is interested, can you please make contact ASAP.

 To see more on the group visit its own webpage

Contact Barry Jackman on 893041, write to him at the Town Hall or