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How We Got Here

The Story So Far

September 2002 Councillor Gill Nethercott formally initiated the Town�s Healthcheck project. The community oriented process looks at the �health� of a Town and its hinterland in terms of the local economy, environment, social and community amenities and finally, transport including accessibility. A steering group (which becomes known as �the Healthcheck team� is formed from all sectors of the community and a Project officer is appointed.

August 2003 The first project deliverable � the snapshot report is completed and approved. The report, in the form of an overview of the Town, forms the basis for the detailed work ahead.

September 2003 � April 2004 It�s a busy time for the team. Firstly, each of the Healthcheck category worksheets have to be completed, questionnaires are issued, public consultation and open days also have to be arranged.

June 2004 From the results of the consultations, ten initial projects are identified to form the basis of the Town�s Action Plan and the Whitchurch Town Association is formed to implement the plans.

June 2005 Management of the new Community Hall is added to the list of WTA tasks.

October 2005 The WTA is lauched at a public meeting where its constitution is adopted and the name changed to the Whitchurch Association.

June 2006 £120,000 was agreed to be spent by Hampshire County Council and Basingstoke & Deane District Councils on "hard landscaping" improvements to the Town Centre.

June - December 2006 HCC appointed Town Manager, Tony Corbin, with help from Working4Whitchurch, formulated a bid for matched funding from the South East England Development Agency.

March 2007 First meeting of the Steering Group set up to represent Whitchurch on the implementation of the council funded works.

June 2007 After several delays, SEEDA agree to the proposals in the bid.

September 2007 Town Centre Improvements Manager, funded form the SEEDA grant, is appointed.

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