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Whitchurch Design Statement


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Whitchurch Design Statement

The Whitchurch Design Statement was put together by many interested citizens of the town and took a huge amount of work, full details are in section 8 of the document. The guidelines (39 of them) and text in the statement define and describe the special character of Whitchurch and are based on public opinion, 500 completed survey forms and feedback from local residents at the project's Whitchurch Design Day held in March 2003. Drafts of the document were also reviewed by four panels of local residents as well as Whitchurch Town Council to ensure that they accurately reflect local opinion.

The Design Statement was adopted by the Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council as supplementary planning guidance for the parish on July 22, 2004. This means that its guidelines must be taken into account by planning authorities in deciding on planning applications and by any other public or private person or organisation proposing to make changes to the appearance of the buildings or landscape of the parish.

The Whitchurch Design Statement is a large document and so has been its section to save downloading time, should you not want to read it all. Click on the names of the section below to download the Acrobat file:

Cover, contents and introduction
Historical Influences
Landscape, setting and shape of Whitchurch
The built environment
Road and footpath networks
Open space
Street furniture and lighting
Compiling the Whitchurch Design Statement

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